Fearless Foodie: Candee Noir Party Saturday Sept. 13!

Possibly the world’s only film noir featuring a bake-off, the short film Candee Noir makes me crave cake every single time I read or write about it. This time, though, I’m in luck: the cakes are going to be real and right there in the Old City, not solely on the screen.

It’s a party, 7 p.m. Saturday Sept. 13 at Aisle Nine Grocery in the Old City (112 S Central Ave), featuring  cakes and confections that could have leaped right out of title character Candee’s kitchen. The Aisle Nine Kitchen will have a Candee’d Apple Grill Cheese, Dale’s Fried Pies will be there with Candee-inspired pies, and Armada across the way is mixologizing (yeah, that’s probably not a word) a Candee cocktail.

Why now? Actually, the party celebrates Candee Noir’s inclusion in the Knoxville Film Festival 2014, which started Thursday and runs through this Sunday. Candee Noir will show Sunday, Sept. 14, in a block of short films that starts at 2:15 p.m.

The party’s for anyone who wants to come out, but if you need any egging on to attend the film, here’s a tantalizing interview with producer and star Kelly Shipe–she’s belongs to Knoxville, yes she does.


Metro Pulse Street Talk interview with Candee Noir star, producer Kelly Shipe

Now’s our chance: does that Strawberry Fluff Triple Layer Cake taste as good as it looks?

Fearless Foodie: Pup Who Fetches Groceries from the Car

,Dog Fetches Groceries–Good Girl! 

I always have an unreasonably difficult time with the weeks that follow a three-day weekend. I’m able to adjust immediately to the concept of 14 percent more time off in a week, along with the friends I don’t ordinarily get to hang out with on a Monday being around–re-adjusting to the work week, even though it is the norm, well, blah. This feels like the third Monday in a row. Which is all a long-winded way of saying this grocery-fetching bull mastiff video featured on Huff Post Good News cheered me no end. Especially since I don’t really wear slippers. Good doggie!

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