DAILY PULSE: Vols for Pet Adoptions TODAY 11-1

Vols and Free Food at PetSmart 11-1 TODAY!

Can your dog signal “Touchdown….”? Professional trainers will be on hand today to teach pups the “touchdown” trick, along with lots of other freebies at PetSmarts “Vols For Pet Adoptions” event today, Saturday July 19th, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. at PetSmart (214 Morrell Rd.) dog photoFood, since this is a food column, will be compliments of McAllisters Deli, Pelancho’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Texas Roadhouse. Plenty of pets will be up for adoption, and it’s raining, so what the heck, head over there!

Here is more about the event from one of the accredited PetSmart dog trainer, April Roberts (questions from yours truly, Rose Kennedy, intrepid Metro Pulse contributor):

How did the idea for the event come about? I am friends with former Vol Football Players Daniel Hood and Chris Walker, and I had noticed their passion and love for pets. I wanted to come up with an idea to increase the adoption of homeless pets and so I began to put the two together and thought up Vols For Pet Adoptions.

How well do animals need to behave to attend with their owners? Leashed and vaccinated pets are welcome–any pet in need of training is welcome to come and see our accredited trainers.

Will there be any Vol celebs there? Lots of Big Orange stuff? Any sign of Smokey?

Yes, Daniel Hood will be in attendance as well as some other former players. We will have lots of Big Orange stuff, in fact we have a special gift to the first seven adoptions of the day compliments of Hounddogs. We will also have a photo booth with a UT backdrop for you to take pictures of your pets. As far as Smokey, no known sightings yet.

Who is the most unusual canine you’re expecting?

I would love to answer this question, but PetSmart and the adoption agencies do so many adoptions, that it is really hard to know which pets will be there. It all depends on which pets are up for adoption at that time Is the adoptiion need and help with rescue groups particulalrly needed this time of year? Yes,. While this is kitten season, PetSmart recognizes there is always a need to find good pets good homes.

Tell me about this touchdown trick…

We wanted to make this event fun for everyone. If you have a pet, it’s an event for you. If you are looking to adopt, it’s an event for you. If you just want to support adoptions and want free food, then it’s for you. With that, we wanted to give the opportunity for people to bring their dogs into the training center and learn a couple of fun tricks. The tricks will be based on the skill set of the dogs, but one of the tricks we will be teaching is Touchdown. This is basically where the dog raises up on his back legs and puts the front legs up in the air to make the universal touchdown sign.

Is it free?

Yes, the event is free and all are welcome. We always accept donations at the pen pad at the registers that will go to PetSmart Charities nationwide.