Fearless Foodie: Sign of the Times, No Russian Vodka

My new idea is to occasionally run a self-explanatory photo from the Knoxville area. Like this one, from Bob’s Package Store in Bearden  (220 North Winston Rd . )
bob's package store 7-23-2014
bob’s package store 7-23-2014

And while I’m thinking of it, here are the nice things I had to say about Bob and Co. in the 2013 Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville write-ups: Bob’s Package Store Best of Knoxville 2013


Bob’s Package Store
So, it turns out a package store is not just a package store, not when it’s Bob’s. It’s plainly pleasant, and educational, to stroll through the wide aisles and well-lit displays tended by friendly sales staff who can make a suggestion or nod and leave you to browse, that’s up to you.

They’ve got lots of liquor and just as much wine, organized within an inch of its life, right down to the lavishly stocked shelves of mini-bottles. Who else has a whole section of organic or kosher wine, or at least a dozen vermouths all cuddled together? “Bob’s Weekly Specials” pepper the store, and they are very special prices, on things you really want, like Cuervo Gold and Cook’s champagne, and things you didn’t realize you wanted, like flavored vodkas and nifty whiskeys.

There is a Bob, and he works there, and also Bob W., the wine manager, who slings some specials of his own, along with notes from Wine Spectator and multitudinous other rankings, and hand-lettered signs like, “If you think you don’t like Cabernet, don’t give up till you’ve tried  this one.” The same thought could be applied to Bob’s—it’s actually fun to shop there, even if you leave empty-handed, or only take a couple of empty bottle boxes home. (R.K.)